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Iambic Explained (i-am-bic)

Bolshevik Stalin does an excellent job of explaining how 

iambic paddles work. His presentation is a little long but you

must watch the entire video to grasp the full concept.

Learning CW

John Tinker, W5CYF, shares his experience learning CW.

I agree with his observations and do believe MRX software is

the best tool out there for honing your sending skill.

Learning CW

Chuck Adams, K5FO, has written a very detailed tutorial on how to properly learn iambic sending. Again, MRX

software can be extremely useful implementing his technique.

Read his article here

Iambic Keying - Debunking the Myth

This article was written by Marshall G. Emm, N1FN, and presents a different perspective for iambic keying.

He presents a compelling perspective but I don’t believe you should abandon the iambic method based on this

article.  Every new Amateur Radio Transceiver, with a built in keyer, supports iambic keying!

Read his article here