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BD5 Traditional Iambic Key This is our most popular key and is recommended for both seasoned CW ops as well as those new to CW.   It is only 2" square yet features 3/4" paddle pads and adjustments for both tension and spacing.
BD5-817 Iambic Key Kit This key mounts on either the right or left side of your FT817 with an angle bracket. The bracket is mounted  using the existing strap bracket holes and the strap and microphone can still be used with the key installed.  
BD6 Mini Iambic Key The MiniKey is a miniature version of the BD5 mounted on a strong ceramic magnetic base and includes a 30" pre-wired cable with 3.5mm plug. It's mini size (3/4”W x 7/8”H x 1 1/4"D) and  1 oz weight make it ideal for QRP and back packing.  
more info more info more info more info more info more info Bulldog Iambic Key BD6-MB2
Serial Adapter Use with MRX, CWCom or CQ100 to connect your key to a computer. MRX is an excellent CW training program. It is the only software we know of that teaches CW sending skills!.
Serial adapter for MRX software - AD9X Serial Adapter for CQ100 and CWCom MRX Software AD9X more info more info MRX software MB1 Magnet Base BD6 Mini Key
Accessory Items We now offer a few accessory items for your convenience.
more info more info Stereo Adapter 3.5mm to 1/4"
Replacement Parts We now offer replacement parts as items you can order online.
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