Bulldog Keys Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery
BD5 Images
Bulldog Iambic Key BD5-MB1 on magnetic base Bulldog Iambic Key BD5 Traditional Key Size comparison of BD5 BD5 Bottom view BD5 front view
BD6 Images
BD6 Bottom view BD6 Rear view BD6Side view BD6 Front view Bulldog Iambic Key BD6 Bulldog Iambic Key BD6-HD
Size comparison BD5 vs BD6 WB1 Oak Base top view MB2 Magnet BKT-817 Kit contents
Operating Tips
Bulldog Key on mouse pad Bulldog Key attached to side of radio with magnet Bulldog Traditional Key with suction cups on desk top using CD case and poster putty Bulldog Key on notebook computer
Use poster  putty to attach key to notebook computer.
Use poster  putty to attach key to mouse pad
The BKT-817- MB2’s magnet is strong enough to attach a key to the side of a radio.
A convenient way to use the suction cup base on a porous surface is to use poster  putty under a CD case.
Bulldog Key on magnet base mounted to desktop with poster putty and metal disk
Bulldog Key on magnet base with metal disk secured to desk top with poster putty.
The BD5-WB2 mounts securely to desk top using poster putty which is easily removable.