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BD6 Mini Key
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The BD6 is a newer version of the earlier BD2 and is based on the same design as the BD6 but is about 30% smaller with 9/16” (14mm) paddle pads instead of the 3/4” (18mm) pads on the BD6. It also features no tools adjustments for both tension and spacing. The BD6 is the perfect companion for mini QRP rigs now on the market.
BD6 Paddle Head (No base)
Bulldog Iambic Key BD6-MB2
BD6 with magnet base
Bulldog Iambic Key BD6 Bulldog Iambic Key BD6-HD
Features: Removable paddle head for use on home brew projects Rugged and Reliable Light weight (0.8 oz), ideal for portable & QRP Strong magnetic base Small size, 5/8"w X 1 1/4”"d X 27/32"h with 9/16" finger pads Neat gold and brass accent trim 30” pre wired cable with 3.5mm plug. (tip-dit ring-dah) A 1 1/2” metal disc and poster putty is included for securing the key to almost any surface.
Use your imagination and come up with a mounting method to fit your own unique situation! The paddle head is threaded to accept a 4x40 machine screw. Adjustable spacing and tension, NO TOOLS NEEDED Small size, 5/8"w X 1 1/4”"d X 23/32"h with 9/16" finger pads Rugged and Reliable Paddle head weights just 0.6oz. Ideal for portable & QRP 30” pre wired cable with 3.5mm plug. (tip=dit ring=dah)