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AD9X Serial Adapter
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Looking for software to help you learn how to SEND and RECEIVE Morse code? MRX is the only CW training software we know of that teaches SENDING as well as receiving Morse code! Get the software from MRX then purchase the serial adapter from us.  (MRX does not sell hardware) Thanks to MRX Software and BullDog Keys you can start from scratch with a Bulldog key and serial adapter. Purchase a BullDog key from us and receive a $5.00 discount on the serial adapter. You get the key, adapter and instructions for downloading the world class MRX shareware code training software. Use it on the road with your notebook or on your home computer. (Note: If your computer does not have a serial port then you will need a USB to serial converter. These can be purchased on-line or at most computer stores.) MRX is the only code training software we know of which has a true iambic paddle input for practicing CW sending. MRX is an offshoot of a commercial Windows program used by the military in many countries for CW training. The author has made a version of the program available for Amateur Radio use. MRX is shareware and has a 30 day free trial. The author has very graciously provided MRX to the Amateur Radio community. Please help him defray his costs by registering and paying for the program. To download MRX software or for more information visit the MRX web site.
Serial Adapter for CQ100 and CWCom MRX Software AD9X FT817 Key Serial Adapter Parts MRX Logo + + = The easy way to learn CW Serial adapter for MRX, CWcom and CQ100
AD9X-WK (With key purchase) $14.95
AD9X Serial Adapter
Serial adapter for MRX, CWcom and CQ100
ADX9-WK ..... Only $14.95 when purchased with a BullDog key. You receive the 9 pin serial adapter with 3.5mm key jack, and MRX download instructions. All Bulldog keys plug directly into the adapter,s 3.5mm jack. ADX9-WOK ..... $19.95 Purchase the cable only and use your own key.
AD9X-WOK (With out key purchase) $19.95
paypal Also works with CQ100 & CWcom
CWcom - CW Communicator, also from MRX, is a freeware program for communicating using CW on the Internet. CQ100 - CQ100 is a very cool virtual transceiver which uses the Internet instead of air waves for communicating. It features both voice and CW modes.
Works with CWcom, MRX code training and CQ100 
Serial adapter for MRX software - AD9X